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Software Services

Perfect and Precise service to the one in need because User-friendly Interactive software solution is a MANDATE procedure of KOSHA TEAM.

Designing Services

Kosha's In-house Designs EXPERTS brings the best feature of creating a perfect and eye-catchy style of DESIGN by having Uniqueness in what we follow.

IOT (Internet Of Things)

Technology never goes off-market, wherein the market is all about IOT. So let’s be on the ease of Internet Communication & Interactions.

Online Education Services

Basically Kosha, in general, to be at the utmost pinnacle of an IT Industry Education specifically. Filled with the high scope of administrations which hence incorporates with Online Training, Digital Asset Management Services, Call Logging System, Learning Management System, Live Chat Application, etc.,

Products Training

Our company represents a creative view of how modern informatic structures work. Also valued fundamental software’s uses to create User Interactive Designs, which enhances the interactive part of proficient process.

Solution Based Services

Additionally we adhere to the standards and key goals of the on-going Education System. For the purpose of easy implementation of some solutions carried out to make it more of flexible to users, be it Learning Management System, Animation based Content Development, School ERP, Project management tool (PMT), and more.


Visual Impressions a boom, AR to the system brings in major effects of an amazing experience. A sublime combination of reality & Animation.

Game Based Learning

The education practice is evolving drastically with effect of Game-Based Learning with sole purpose of adding more value to modern Education.

Test & Assessments

Above all structuring of PRODUCT & PROCEDURE is taken out in series to achieve the real. Similarly different kind of skills being examined to convey the best.

Specialized Technologies

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