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Streamline your operations with the efficiency-boosting features of the Kosha Smart Device Management app. With a comprehensive overview of your organization and tools tailored for teams of all sizes, you can effortlessly monitor the daily activities of your employees. Get ready to simplify your work with the Kosha Device Management System app.


User management

Maximize data security with the flexible and effective access controls of Kosha. Define and manage user access, identities, and permissions, and rest assured that your user data is always secure and in compliance with your organization's policies.

Regulate access at every step and keep your digital assets secure.

With the versatile desktop app, employees can log their hours and provide proof of work from any location, while you can easily monitor their progress through the live web-based dashboard. Subscribing to Kosha comes with comprehensive employee monitoring and productivity features, enabling you to efficiently manage your workforce and save on costs as your company expands.

Automatic Screenshots

Ensure the accuracy of your employees' work with Kosha's screenshot review feature. Validate activity levels on single or dual monitors, and gain a deeper understanding of their work through comprehensive computer monitoring.

App & URL Tracking

Gain valuable insights into your employees' work habits with the app and website tracking feature of Kosha. Get a detailed view of the apps and websites visited during working hours, allowing you to evaluate time utilization and identify areas for improvement.

Idle time tracker

Optimize your team's productivity with the idle time tracker feature of Kosha. Save time and effort by accurately tracking idle time spent on tasks and projects. Compare actual vs. idle time spent with ease, giving you the tools to evaluate and improve your team's performance.

Role Based Access Controls (RBAC)

Control access to critical information with Kosha's role-based permissions system. Define the access rights of users based on their role in your organization's hierarchy. Create custom roles with tailored form, report, and record-level permissions for reading, writing, and editing, ensuring that only authorized users have access to sensitive information.

Security Policies

Ensure the safety of your user data with Kosha's security policies. Tailor security measures to meet the specific needs of each department and organization. Keep sensitive information protected and in compliance with your organization's security protocols.

Multiple apps, one login

Eliminate the hassle of multiple login credentials with Kosha's Single Sign-On (SSO) feature. Offer a smooth and streamlined login experience for users by allowing them to access various services through a single sign-in page and set of authentication credentials. Minimize the risk of password fatigue and simplify the login process for users.

Effortless password management

Streamline the login process with Kosha's convenient Single Sign-On (SSO) solution. Say goodbye to multiple login credentials and provide users with an easy and efficient sign-in experience by granting access to multiple services through a unified sign-in page and authentication details. Reduce the chance of password exhaustion and simplify the login process for users.

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