Kosha Technohub

Operations IT Manager

Operations IT Manager

Operations IT manager are responsible for the day-to-day management of an Kosha’s operations. They plan, coordinate, and direct the resources and activities necessary to produce Kosha’s  services. They are responsible for ensuring that all operations run smoothly and that the Kosha’s goals are met. This position typically oversees the operations of a Kosha’s various departments including marketing, sales, accounting, and production. 

The operations manager is responsible for ensuring that all employees are following company policies and procedures. They have to work in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, and retail. They must be able to effectively manage people, resources, and projects. They must be able to communicate clearly.


Any degree in Business Administration

Roles & Responsibilities of Operations IT Manager

  • Planning and directing the operations of Kosha

  • Identifying and solving problems that impede the Kosha’s progress

  • Developing and implementing plans to improve Kosha’s efficiency and effectiveness

  • Monitoring the Kosha’s performance against its goals and objectives

  • Coordinating the activities of the staffs

Soft Skills

  • Passionate about Job
  • Excellent Communication skill
  • Strong problem-solving and creative skills