Kosha Technohub

Customer Support Analyst

Associate Customer Support Analyst

Employment Type: Full Time

  • High school diploma or equivalent with three (3) years of information technology work experience;

  • Knowledge of mainframe systems, related software, business principles and procedures.

Associate Customer Support Analyst Roles and Responsibilities

  • Ability to work independently or as part of a team.

  • Ability to communicate with vendors to resolve non functioning equipment problems arranging for replacements and/or exchanges.

  • Experience coordinating deliveries and installation of equipment to user installations and performs tests to ensure the system is operating properly, de-installs equipment and provides replacement system as required.

  • Experience in configuring and installing PCs and related software and set up and configure network connections to file servers, application servers and the Internet.

  • Ability to assemble hardware and software components, performs hardware and software integration.

  • To provide a stand-alone computer system and ensure it is operating as it is designed and operates properly.

  • Verifies hardware and software shipments against County purchase orders and inspects equipment upon arrival.

  • Ensures  that  equipment  is  delivered  in  good  condition  and  contacts  vendor(s)  to  resolve  any problems (delivery, equipment, etc.) 

  • Coordinates delivery schedule and destination of computer hardware and software.

  • Ensures that all equipment is ordered by purchase orders and verifies delivery dates.

  • Coordinates orders for needed computer equipment.

  • Monitors and manipulates computer setup options for routine computer operations.

  • Must be able to coordinate ordering, receiving, inventory, assembly, integration, check-out, delivery and installation of personal computer related hardware and software.

  • Must be able to provide first level PC technical support for all County employees and remote sites for both hardware and software.

  • Must have good oral and written communication skills, strong analytical and organizational skills, ability to solve problems quickly and completely and coordinate activities simultaneously.