Unleashing the Power of Kosha School ERP: A Robust Solution for Seamless Education Management


In the ever-evolving landscape of education, Kosha Technohub stands tall as a trailblazer with its comprehensive School ERP system, a powerhouse of innovation crafted to redefine the way educational institutions operate. With over 15 years of expertise, our team has meticulously designed a robust system that caters to every aspect of school management. Let's delve into the myriad features that make Kosha School ERP a game-changer in the education technology sphere.

Admission Management System:

Streamline and simplify the entire admission process with our intuitive Admission Management System. From online application forms to document verification, Kosha School ERP ensures a seamless onboarding experience for both students and administrative staff.

Class and Section/branch Management:

Efficiently organize and manage classes and sections, ensuring a smooth academic workflow. Our system adapts to the unique structure of each institution.

Fees Module:

Say goodbye to manual fee collection headaches. Kosha's Fees Module automates fee generation, payment tracking, and receipt generation. The transparent and efficient system enhances financial management, allowing schools to focus on providing quality education.

Payment Gateway Integration:

Facilitate seamless fee payments with our integrated payment gateway, providing a convenient and secure way for parents to settle dues online.

Students and Parents Mobile App:

Enhance communication and engagement with our dedicated mobile app for students and parents. Real-time updates, homework assignments, and attendance tracking are just a tap away, fostering a collaborative and informed educational community.

Exam Management System:

Simplify exam management with our robust system that handles everything from exam scheduling to result processing. Customizable grading systems and automated result generation empower educators to focus on academic excellence.

Biometric Integration:

Prioritize security with biometric integration for attendance tracking. Ensure accurate and reliable attendance records, enhancing overall school security.

Promotion Module and Academic Year Management:

Streamline the promotion process and manage academic years effortlessly. Kosha School ERP ensures a seamless transition between academic sessions.

End-to-End Certificates Module:

Manage, generate, and distribute certificates effortlessly with our comprehensive Certificates Module. From academic achievements to character certificates, Kosha School ERP ensures a hassle-free certificate management process.

Alumni System:

Nurture and maintain connections with former students through our Alumni System. Keep track of alumni achievements, organize reunions, and build a strong network that benefits both the institution and its graduates.

Faculty Management System:

Empower educators with a comprehensive Faculty Management System that covers everything from leave management to performance tracking. Our system ensures that faculty members can focus on teaching, while administrative tasks are streamlined.

WhatsApp, SMS, and Email Integration:

Stay connected with parents, students, and faculty through integrated messaging solutions. From important announcements to personalized communication, Kosha School ERP keeps everyone in the loop.


Kosha Technohub's School ERP is not just a management system; it's a holistic solution that empowers educational institutions to thrive in the digital age. With a robust and feature-rich platform, we are committed to revolutionizing education management, ensuring that schools can focus on what truly matters – providing a high-quality learning experience. Experience the future of education with Kosha School ERP – where innovation meets excellence.